Client Assistance

Our Direct Client Assistance Fund (DCAF) is composed of private contributions intended to assist individuals and families with needs not otherwise met through other social service programs for funding.

Types of assistance include:

  • Work-related Needs: special licensing, required clothing or footwear, tools
  • Transportation: car insurance, car repair, tires, licensing
  • Education: testing or training fees, books
  • OHP Premiums
  • Assistance Not Included: rental or heating needs

Clients must be low-income (not in excess of 150% of poverty), although temporary circumstances will be taken into consideration. In evaluating needs, assistance decisions are made based upon the following considerations:
• The presenting need must not be the result of the client’s voluntary action.
• The assistance, if granted, together with other available resources, must be sufficient to resolve the need.
• The presenting need must not be indicative of a continuing need which will result in continuing requests for financial assistance.

YCAP may condition its approval of assistance based upon collaborative funding from other social service agencies.

Applicants for DCAF assistance must schedule an intake appointment with a YCAP case manager. When an applicant comes for an appointment they are asked to bring one photo ID, a social security card for each family member, and copies of any information pertaining to the assistance being requested. Due to limited funding, completed applications are evaluated and prioritized by a Review Committee on a weekly basis. A written notice of action is mailed to the applicants. Agency checks, which are issued weekly, are mailed directly to vendors.

Intake appointments are limited and schedule on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is recommended to call the front desk (503-472-0457, Oregon Relay 711) Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. prepared to give your telephone and social security number. We will not book appointments further than one week in advance. Clients will be asked to call again for an appointment if intake appointments are filled.